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Supreme Pet Care: Our Promise

Why Supreme Pet Care?
We started Supreme Pet Care in response to a need we were witness to. After noticing that there were very few companies that serviced our Northwest Side neighborhood we found ourselves worrying about who would take care of our pets while we were away. Together we decided that there was a wonderful opportunity to provide service for many dogs and cats who might need extra care or live in neighborhoods where many other companies won't provide service. In addition, a couple of our dogs require extra care and a quick in and out walk is not enough. This is what we were in search of and our promise to you: we believe that every one of our clients' pets is just as important as our own.

Every pet owner deserves to rest assured that their baby is getting the best care possible. This means that we come to your home for each and every scheduled visit and we stay with your pet for the entire duration of the scheduled visit. We don't over-book ourselves. We don't take your dog out just long enough to do their business and then run off to our next customer. If the weather is too nasty to spend the entire visit outside--and it often is in Chicago!--then we spend the remaining time inside with your dog playing or just plain snuggling. We don't come inside, feed the cats and leave. We make sure they have everything they need and that they are doing well while you are away. We even engage in plenty of pet communicating, because they often LOVE company and knowing they're loved! Your pets deserve this. Our goal is to be your pet's second favorite people in the world- right after you.

Each of our babies has their own little quirks that makes them special and we love them for it all the more. We know that your pets are the same way. We learn your pet's routine and accommodate them to ensure that they are just as happy with us as they are with you. If your pup needs to circle the block exactly three and a half times before getting down to business and then must go up the stairs backwards to get back in to the house then so be it. This is the actual routine of one of our clients and believe me you have never seen anything cuter than a dog going up the stairs rear-end first. If your pet needs medicine and TLC or just lots of playtime then we are the service for you.

We are available seven days a week and we make sure your baby has the same caregiver each time. We firmly believe that consistency is a key factor in giving your pet the best experience possible.

Our Promise To You
At Supreme Pet Care we know that your pets are important to you and we want you to know that your pets are important to us as well. Trust. Compassion. Dependability. Contact us for a free `pet interview' to see if your pet loves us as much as we love them and find out what makes Supreme Pet Care the best!

The Supreme Pet Care Family

Chris is a native of Chicago and mom to Nanu, a rambunctious young Goldendoodle; Wilson, a fiercely independent Bengal kitty; and Shashi, the most smushy-faced Exotic Shorthair ever to snort and snuggle. Chris has worked in the pet care industry for fifteen years and has completed Dog and Cat First Aid from the American Red Cross. Chris was a dog in a past life and hopes to regain that level of enlightenment in her present life.

Amanda is originally from Michigan and has made Chicago her home since 2003. She is the mother of a beautiful human child whose alter ego is a catdog named Love Hearts. She has worked with pets for over ten years and is avid about animal nutrition. She has completed Dog and Cat First Aid from the American Red Cross. Amanda was a pet turtle in a past life; she still misses having both a heat lamp and swimming pool in her bedroom.
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