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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Amanda is a rockstar! When I moved to Lincoln Square I had to find a new dog-walker and a friend referred Amanda. I feel like I've hit gold! It was obvious from our first "meet-and-greet" that she was a dog-lover AND that my pup adored her. Amanda has gone above and beyond trying to accommodate my flaky schedule, last minute transport requests and other random miscellaneous needs. I really cannot recommend her highly enough!

-AJ (Finn's Mom)

I had Chris Agosto of Supreme Pet Care stay with my 17 year old dog Clover for a weekend. First, Chris was willing to come over multiple times prior to her care dates to learn the lay of the land, assess Clover¹s disabilities and strengths, and learn the general regimen of care. I was immediately impressed with her timeliness as well as her gentle, assertive presence with Clover that inspired confidence and relaxation for both Clover and me.

While away I received regular check-in phone calls from Chris informing me how my dog was eating, eliminating, walking (or not), and just how she was doing in spirits. On all counts there were positive reports, a reflection of Chris¹ level of care and attention and positive energy.

I would highly recommend Supreme Pet Care to any dog owner of any aged dog, and particularly for the elder dogs out there.

- Barbara Silverman

I used Supreme Pet Care because of a recommendation from a friend and my experience turned out to be so beneficial to my animals and me I decided to hire them to house sit for me. I have a 13 year old mixed breed named Madison and an 8 year old lil brown dog named Wrigley who are the loves of my life. I have spent time working with animals myself so I expect a lot of my pet care providers. Supreme pet care surpassed my expectations while i was out of town. They gave me daily text updates about my dogs as well as my house :) When I got home my house was cleaner than when I left! I didn't have to cancel my newspaper subscription because my papers were neatly stacked in my hallway. In every way I felt safe and secure about leaving my dogs at home and that was all due to the amazing staff at Supreme Pet Care!

- RS in Oak Park

I have to travel extensively for my job. When my fourteen year old Border Collie suddenly became too ill to board, Chris came to our rescue. The first time Chris cared for Samuli, he was quite sick. He was on several medications, a strict home-made diet and under close symptom monitoring per the vet's instruction. (I would have stayed home but work wouldn't let me cancel the trip.) Chris stayed overnight, gave Samuli lots of love and attention and was never fazed by the fact that there was a lot of 'extremely messy issues' to handle during his recovery - most of which kept her awake all night! Chris took care of everything. She was more than willing to take the extra time and effort necessary to pick up, clean-up and cheer up a very sick dog - and to ease my worries as well - calling and texting me regularly to report how Samuli was doing.

It's hard to find someone willing to take on the extra responsibility a senior pet demands. I feel so fortunate to have found Chris. When I'm away I no longer worry. If my flights are delayed or cancelled, I know that Chris will be there - for both of us. I trust her completely to handle any emergency situation in my absence. And when I am in town, I love that she calls just to check in. Samuli LOVES Chris! And based on the quality of care and concern she has provided him, (and for honoring his zero tolerance policy for closed bathroom doors – LOL!)... the feeling is obviously mutual! What more could a mom and her little dog ask for? Thanks so much for everything Chris – you are truly a guardian angel!

- Debra Cecil & Samuli

My cat’s a senior and requires daily medication. Supreme Pet Care provides personable care for her in my absence responsibly and reliably. They even leave me daily messages to check in about my pet’s status, which I find assuring. A welcome service to the Northwest Side!

- A.T., Portage Park

Chris is the perfect solution for my dogsitting needs! She provides daily dog care while I work, or weekly care when I need to travel. With Chris, I know that my babies are receiving excellent care and lots of love during my absence! Chris has proven not only to be extremely reliable, but has shown that she truly cares about the health, happiness, and comfort of my two dogs. I trust her 100% and can relax knowing that Honey and Smudge are in good hands. Most importantly, my babies love Chris and enjoy being with her- and when they are happy- I am happy! Thank you Chris for making being a single Mom much easier! You have my highest recommendations!

- Smudge and Honey's Mom Daneen H.

To Whom it May Concern:
There is nobody I would trust more to take care of my dog Ouisie than Chris Agusto. I've worked with several dog walkers over the years, and have had some very bad experiences, the worst with the then 6-month-old Ouisie left in a crate, forgotten and unwalked for 12 hours. I'd come to expect a certain level of anxiety with any dog walker, and certainly knew I couldn't count on them beyond taking care of Ouisie?s fundamental needs.

Chris has been walking Ouisie for over two years now, and Ouisie adores her. When I walk Ouisie, she can go for hours, barely containing her excitement as she pulls on the leash to explore yet another block. In contrast, most dog walkers tell me they have to drag her outside and can barely get her to do her business. I come home to notes from Chris that read "Walked forever! The baby didn't want to come home!" On subzero days, the notes change to "Quick walk to take care of business, played inside for a while and gave lots of belly rubs and kisses." Ouisie loves Chris, and I know that Chris loves her back, treating her like one of her own.

Chris is a true dog lover, and that means she understands my concerns and anxieties. She'll routinely call and double check scheduled appointments, or to make sure I made it home after being out of town. When I travel and leave Ouisie with her, Chris leaves me messages letting me know everything is fine, and what a good time Ouisie is having. I can relax, knowing that Ouisie is in great hands, and that means the world to me. I can't recommend Chris highly enough. Anyone who loves her dog but needs to trust her dog is cared for and loved while she?s out should hire Chris immediately.

- Ouisie's Mom Melissa Hendrix

Chris is a life saver and has been more than amazing with my kit kats! She shows up every night, spends plenty of time with them giving them kitty love and food, and the kitties love their new nanny! I don't know what I'd do without her and I trust her, rely on her to show up, and feel safe and comfortable that she is with the kitties. She sends me notes and calls when she visits and gives me information. I can't say enough about her! She's wonderful and if you want someone you can trust and rely on, CALL CHRIS!

MEOW MEOW MEOWWWWWW (That's Thank You), - Toby & Bucky's Mom Jodi

It has been such a relief knowing that you are there to watch our girl when we leave town. I used to be so neurotic when we went on vacations because she would be sick when we got her back from several different places we used to leave her; plus, she was never herself for a few days. I began to dread having to go anywhere we could not take her with us. Then, we met you. Now, when I open the door and she sees you, she goes crazy! She adores you. Her tail doesn't stop wagging, and she doesn't stop kissing you the entire time she sees you - she is mesmerized! She knows how much fun she has when she is with you and we know it too. Thanks for taking such great care of our Mabel!

- Mabel's Mom Audrey

I have known and trusted Chris for the last few years with one of the most Special and cherished gift that I have in my life: my little "baby dog" amber.

Chris has been her wonderful second mother_ guardian-angel_ caretaker_ baby sitter_ love of her life and friend. Because of the many long hours I had to work, Amber went to day-care for I refused to leave her alone: Chris was always there to watch over her, keeping her safe. She has been for both of us, a miraculous stroke of luck: it is not often that you find a caring, kind, generous and gentle person.

And if sometimes we humans lack in judgement; our animals do not: their instinct knows. For Amber, it is always joy, love, kisses and licks forever as soon as she sees Chris!!!!

- Amber's Mom Helene

Chris goes above and beyond when she takes care of our cats, Zoom (19yrs) and Bones (17yrs). She handles all of their medications and special needs professionally and lovingly--as if they were her own. We never have to worry when we're out of town because we are confident that they are getting the care that they deserve.

- Zoom and Bones' Parents Heather and Noah
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